Bikini Beginnings...

Do you remember your favorite bathing suit growing up?

All the fun memories in that bathing suit?

How it made you feel?

Check out this lime green lima bean!

It was the 90s what can I say :)

Great memories usually include people, a location, or even an outfit. When you look back on old photographs can’t you remember you felt in that moment?!

My sister recently sent me a photograph she found while flipping through old photo albums of me at Farm Pond in Massachusetts in the early 90s. I was wearing that lime green one piece (left) and I remembered that suit immediately. It was one of my favorites for some reason I am not sure why when I try and think back! The 90s were full of crazy bright prints and neon colors. And that style is back in 2017! Those were fun times…

Growing up in New England summer only lasted three months so as a kid you had to make the most of the time you had. Every fun activity involved water of some form or another… squirt guns, slip in slide, pools, lakes, and beach days. We were in bathing suits 24/7 as kids.

As I got older all my friends parents started getting Jacuzzis and you know what that meant??? Bikinis all early round! Going in the jacuzzi while the snow is falling all around you is the best feeling. As an adult I still wear a bikini all year round!

That’s when I decided that I would design a bikini line that you would be able to buy all year round.

I went to college for fashion design and production, so I knew I would be able to hand make all the designs I created. But the trouble with bikinis for most people is finding one that actually fits properly. If your bust is too big will you pop out… if your bust is too small will you look like a child??? Shopping for a new bikini should be fun not painful. My bikini's will fit the most petite woman and the most well-endowed! :) Which you will be able to wear to swim, to do water sports, or just chill under the sun (or snowy jacuzzi)!

I have a lot of friends who complain that their boobs are too big for bikini tops and no one makes cute ones to fit. So, I took that as my personal challenge. Create a bikini top without wires or pads that was cute and stylish but also having the support at the same time. Ladies the Emmi Lace Me Up Top will fit all of you!

I never what anyone to feel like they can’t wear my designs because of their size.

Creating bikinis to make a woman feel good about themselves is what HAYLEZ is all about!