How to put on the wrap style! 

Wrap It Up is a wrapping style bikini top... you place the straight ban across your back, bring the long thick ties to the front of your body cross them at your stromach and then bring them back around to your back and tie. Then with the thin strap that should be hanging in the front take those and tie that around your neck! 

You choose.... are you feeling pineapples or lemon yellow for the day!?!


We recommend wearing the Wrap top with the Baywatch Beautiez bottoms. 


Multicolored prints on nylon spandex
​80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Wrap It Up

  • Top Sizes:​ 

    Small (32a-36b)

    Medium (32c-36c)

    Large (32d-34dd)

    XLarge (36dd)