On Valentines Day you will feel amazing wearing this beautifully delicate wine colored silk camisole with matching tap shorts. The bias cut V neck camisole top has self bias cut adjustable straps. A classic and elegant pj set for a night with netflix and take out. Something a little extra special! 


The bias cut shorts have an elastic waistband making it easy to pull them on and off. The fly away detail on each side of the hip allows for a great fit for all sizes.


100% silk charmeuse color wine


Happy Valentines Day!

Silky Short

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  • 100% silk is very delicate, and it can be easily damaged by any wash, detergent-based soap or sunlight. It is advisable to clean silk as little as possible, because silk will lose its special sheen if it is repeatedly or wrongly cleaned. Silk should only be dry cleaned professionally. But if you need to wash your silk protect it by, washing it by hand. It is recommended to wash it with neutral-based pH-level soaps.

    When washing by hand follow these instructions:

    • First, pour warm water into a bucket, and then place the silk in it.
    • Second, add neutral or basic soap. Do not use highly acidic materials for that can damage silk.
    • Third, soak the clothes in soapy water for less than 10 minutes, for long soak can damage the silk’s protein-based fibers.
    • Fourth, scrub clothes to remove odors and stains. Do not place silk in a washing machine or dryer for that can damage the fabric. You should use the delicate cycle and mild soap if you have to use them to wash or dry.
    • Finally, hang clothes to let it dry. Avoid direct sun for sun may fade the color of the wet silk. Do not use wooden drying racks since they can stain the fabric.

    Do not dry the silk in the dryer or let it expose to direct sunlight, as the intense heat can damage silk.

    If there are lots of stains on the silk and it is difficult to remove them, you should take it to a dry cleaner